The Production facility is located at Bilaspur (C.G.) in a total area of 7.5 Acres. It has complete plant and machinery for production, heat treatment, fettling, testing and other activities. We are continuously Upgrading & Expanding over selves to meet all our customerís requirements.

Abha Power & Steel Pvt. Ltd. – List of Plant & Machinery pdf


casting_productionbullet    Induction Furnace of 2500KW with 2 crucibles of 7 MT, 3 MT & 1MT each
bullet    Induction Furnace of 1000KW with 2 crucibles of 1.5MT each
bullet    Induction Furnace of 250KW with a single crucible of 0.5MT
bullet    Semi-Automatic Moulding Machines of ARPA 300
bullet    Semi-Automatic Moulding Machines of ARPA 450
bullet    Fully-Automatic Shell Moulding, Core Shooters & Mould Fuser for precision castings
bullet    Automatic Knockout, Sand Cooler & Mixer Plant with holding capacity of 200MT
bullet    Separate section for Hand Moulding & pouring
bullet    Hydraulic Core Maker and Electric Core Oven for perfect cores

Heat TreatmentHeatTreatment

bullet    Electrically Heated Annealing Furnace with separate Heating and soaking hoods of 2MT capacity
bullet    Oil Fired PID controlled Heat Treatment Furnace with automatic water/oil quenching of 6MT capacity


Fettling-toolsbullet    Shot Blasting Machines for effective casting-sand separation & smooth finish
bullet    In house Lathe Machines, Shaper Machines, Hacksaws, Drill Machines, Hydraulic Power Press, etc for trouble free operation and light machining jobs
bullet    Complete Fettling Shop with Pedestal, Hand, Swing Frame & Pencil Grinders, Welding & Gouging Machines, etc

Testing & Qualityquality&testing

bullet    Spectrometer with all essential standards for Raw material, In-cast & finish cast testing
bullet    Coveted 'Nitrogen' Testing for Stainless Steel Castings
bullet    Fully accommodated Chemical Lab for Wet Chemical Analysis
bullet    Sand Analysis Lab for Green sand testing & Seperate section for resin coated Sand
bullet    Computerized Microscopic Image analyzer for microstructure check
bullet    Physical Lab for Tensile Strength & Hardness Testing
bullet    Online Carbon-Silicon & Temperature Analyzer
bullet    In-House Ultrasound Testing & Portable Digital Hardness Testing for 100% satisfaction
bullet    Separate Quality check team of professionals for Quality Assurance and Deliverance